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This action can play all your songs from Microsoft One Drive account. Microsoft one drive is a cloud storage provided by Microsoft for free in most cases. You can store all your personal music in Microsoft one drive and we can play it through Starfish Audio. Starfish is not endorsed by Microsoft and we are independent developer just using their public api. Please note that Starfish is a subscription platform and we charge a nominal fee for accounts to access Starfish services. Process of using this action: 1. Get a starfish account here 2. You need to have Microsoft one drive account and music stored in cloud in. We cannot play songs stored on your phone or PC. 3. Subscribe to Starfish services if you do not have a subscription already. You can subscribe after you login to our website. There is a 24 hour trial period available for trying out our services. 4. Link your account Microsoft one drive account to Starfish Account. You can link in Starfish Audio area on Starfish's website. 5. Link your account with Google actions. 6. You can play all your songs by using the first example phrase. 7. You can play individual folders by calling out folder names. 8. You can also create playlist on our website or mobile app and callout playlists to play through Google Home
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Android 6.0+ TVs
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