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There are so many good personal bloggers. It is not easy to find good blogs to follow. Although many good bloggers shifted themselves to YouTube creators, there still are many great blogs and inspiring writings from great writers. Giant writers introduce these great blogs you should check out. Give more time to read and think than watch video clips [How to use] You can say, “OK Google, talk to Giant Writers” to hear the latest stories. While listening to a story, you can say ”OK Google, stop” to stop the story. You can continue to the next story by answering “Yes” to the question “Would you like to read the next post?" Example phrase: " OK Google, talk to Giant Writers" [Dialogue flow] a. The Action will play its welcome message upon hearing the user’s command, “OK Google, talk to Giant Writers." b. The Action will automatically play the most recent posting from the Giant Writers board from c.After playing the most recent post, the Action will ask “Would you like to read the next post?” - If the listener says “Yes”, the Action will play the next posting - If the listener says “No”, the Action will exit the Action
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