Digital Diwali
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Just ask your Google device "Talk to Digital Diwali" to enable the Action. Discover facts, trivia, and the sound of crackers through this interactive voice user interface. Google Action will ask you to choose from the three categories of Diwali Facts, Diwali Trivia & Diwali Crackers. You can choose either of the categories and explore without even lifting a finger. You can choose to play a fun trivia revolving around Diwali. In this quiz, you will be given 3 options for each question asked and you have to choose the right answer. You also get to know fun facts about Diwali. These facts can be informational as well as fun at the same time. So, sit back and enjoy Diwali Facts. And to burst a cracker simply say : Ok Google, Talk to Digital Diwali You can use the below cracker's name including Alias also to begin the celebration: 1. Pencil (Alias: pencil) 2. Lakshmi Bomb (Alias : ) 3. Ladi (Alias: tad tadi, Chorsa) 4. Nazi Bomb (Alias: Nazi) 5. Mix (Alias: all mix, all cracker, all type) 6. Atom Bomb (Alias: Gola, Sutli, Rassi, Aloo) 7. Anar (Alias: Tower Pots, Fountain) 8. Chakri (Alias: Wheels, Ground Spinner) 9. Rocket (Alias: Comet, missile) 10. Phuljhadi (Alias: Sparklers) 11. Bijli Bomb (Alias: Mirchi) 12. Bullet Bomb (Alias: Bullet) 13. Hydrogen Bomb (Alias: Green, hydro, water cracker) 14. Shots (Alias: Sky shots, Chattar Patta) 15. Parrot Bomb (Alias: Parrot) 16. Chocolate Bomb (Alias: Chocolate) 17. Random (Alias: any, anyone) So, make this Diwali pollution free with the Digital Diwali Google Action.
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