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Add OK Google to your Enado enabled Smart Home or Office to facilitate control by voice of your entire property. Enado allows you to control any function or connected device by way of individual button with single or multiple commands through simple voice interaction. The Enado skill supports voice commands for any visible or virtual button. A typical command sequence could be “OK Google open Enado”, Enado Voice will respond asking how she can help, you could reply “Good Evening”, then the lights could be raised, the TV switched on, the cable or satellite channel selected and the temperature set to your preferred level, all from a sequence attached to the “Good Morning” button. Within a commercial environment you could use the following command; “Boardroom On”, the lights could be raised, the smart screen switched on, the amplifier switched on, the electronic glass darkened, the blinds lowered and the correct input selected for the screen. Incredibly simple and flexible eliminating confusing manual sequences. Enado has the opportunity to create multiple buttons and will even support multiple voice commands for each button, so if your pronunciation for “Sky” returns “Skye” then both commands can be added ensuring success across multiple dialects. With your Enado installer you can tailor the functions to suit your exact needs for either your home or office. The command “Office or Home Off”, can turn off lights, lower blinds, lock doors and link any other device or sequence you require. The Enado skill requires V5.0 or above of Enado and an annual MyEnado subscription.
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Android 6.0+ TVs
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Android 5.0+ phones
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