Stefan vd3.9
This personal assistant help you with all most asked questions about the web browser. Get help about your Google Chrome web browser now! If you got an error such as network failed when downloading a Chrome extension. The "Browserman" can guide you on how to fix this problem on your Windows and Mac computer. Supported products for assistance: Google Chrome Google Chromecast Google Chromebook More information note: This will answer only the questions about the Google Chrome web browser. Other web browsers may have the same solution. This app is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Google Inc.
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"Ask Browserman about how to remove a Chrome extension"
"Speak to Browserman to tell me a good Chrome extension"
"Talk to Browserman"
"Talk to Browserman about malware in my web browser"
"Tell Browserman my Chrome web browser is freezing"


Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 6.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices