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Prayer Pal helps you find out your local prayer times for the five daily prayers, as well as fasting times for Ramadan. You can ask questions like "When is Asr salah?", “What time is Maghrib tomorrow?”, "When is the next prayer?", or "How long before Fajr?", and we will give you the local timings for these prayers, based on your location. You can also try saying "What time is Fajr in Santa Clara?", "When can I pray Isha in Waterloo Ontario?", or "When is the next prayer in Dubai". We support all five prayers, and also support queries for suhoor and iftar. Try asking "When do I start fasting?", “When is iftar?”, or "What are the fasting times today?" during Ramadan. Disclaimer: Prayer Pal uses a custom code base built on top of the Pray Times project to calculate prayer times. We acknowledge and give credit to the developers of Pray Times for providing an excellent open source library for calculating prayers times. (
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Great ! But can prayer pal automatically remind me with every prayer ?
Adham Elfikey
January 7, 2019
So far so good
Roger Lynch
December 24, 2018
Works like a charm
Ahmad Ismail
December 5, 2018
Thanks for google to represent with our idea to get the pray time form Muslims users. This is very helpful. I would love it if we could set audible notifications from our Google Home to let us know it is prayer time.
Nassar Alkhaldi
November 25, 2018
Really cool app
Bob Baser
November 17, 2018
Very useful! Please make it allow for follow up responses. And would be perfect if it can ask wether we want to be alarmed at certain prayer times
AR Wasil
November 11, 2018
Great if you're Jewish
Jeff Geist
November 3, 2018
I wish i could ask it to remind me everytime its prayer time and or sync prayer schedule in my region to my calendar
Gasela Artiko Berlin
October 18, 2018
Prayer Pal is good stuff. Next feature set should include alerts (some would prefer a call to prayer, I would prefer a simpler spoken alert).
Andrew T.
October 15, 2018
Alhamdulillah, jazakAllah humma khair kasirah
iLu malik
October 7, 2018
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