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Nara Can Speak helps you master speaking English in a fun and enjoyable way. Nara and you will take turn to practice tons of real-life simulated dialogues of a variety of topics such as 1. Asking the Way 2. On the Bus 3. Taking a Taxi 4. At a Railway Station 5. London Underground 6. Booking Airline Ticket 7. Hiring a Car 8. At the Garage 9. At Lunch 10. Tea Time 12. Coffee Bar 13. In a Restaurant 14. In a Pub 15. Offering Cigarettes 16. At a Hotel 17. Finding a Room 18. Making an Appointment 19. Finding a Job 20. At a Bank 21. At a Barber's Shop 22. Shopping 23. At a Theatre 24. Police Registration 25. Asking For Change 26. Telephoning 27. In a Post Office 28. Asking About Health 29. At a Doctor's Surgery 30. At a Chemist Shop 31. Meeting People After a Long Time 32. Introduction and Opening Conversation Gambits 33. Chirstmas, New Year , Easter greetings 34. Saying Goodbye 35. Television 36. Thanks for Hospitality 37. Asking People to Repeat and Offering Lifts In a Car 38. Asking Favours 39. Complaining 40. Apologising 41.What shall we do this evening? 42. Complimenting People On Clothes 43. The Weather 44. Vietnamese Textbook Grade 1 45. Vietnamese Textbook Grade 6 46. Number 47. Vocabulary 48. Greeting 49. Introduction If you cannot find any topic that interests you, no worry, we keep adding content rapidly. If it is a bit too long, kindly drop us an email. Setup guides: 1. Install Google Assistant app 2. Open Google Assistant app and say or type "Talk to Nara Can Speak" 3. For iOS devices only, you may need to set Language to English and Country to United States in your device setting. More can see here at What's New (1.4) - Now you can rotate the turn after finishing a dialogue - The long sentence will be broken into smaller phrases for you to practice them more easily Try it and give your valuable review and rating. Thank You.
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