Tube Map
Get live information about the London Underground with Tubemap's line status assistant app. Find out about delays and disruptions that may affect your journey with updates on the Tube, Overground, TfL Rail and DLR. Tubemap's assistant app is the quickest way to find out if there are severe delays on the Circle line or a partial closure on the Piccadilly line. If there is a good service across the whole Tube network the app will also reassure you that everything is running smoothly. Before you plan your next journey on the London Underground find out if there are any delays, closures or service changes that will affect your trip. Line status data provided by Transport for London.
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Ask your Assistant

"Ask Tube Map about delays on the Circle line"
"Ask Tube Map about line status"
"Ask Tube Map about problems"
"Ask Tube Map for a status update"
"Talk to Tube Map"


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