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The free Sonnar Library action turns your smart speaker into a gateway to a new way of reading. Enable this action and have instantaneous access to 12,000 public domain audio books from Librivox. Only 10% of all printed word in the world is accessible to people with print disabilities, which includes surprisingly common conditions, such as arthritis, dyslexia, blindness and low vision. The figure is as devastating of 1% in developing countries. Sonnar Library makes access to information that much easier. Whether you are someone who has a condition that prevents you from reading printed text/flipping a page, or someone who is looking for a new way to read public domain books, you can now search, select, and navigate audiobooks on your Google Home! What you’ll get? Access to audiobooks through smart speaker: Discover another way to experience audio books- on your Google Home. This gives you more choices to listen to what you want, wherever and whenever you want. Use the most natural way to ask for something – your voice: if you are someone with a print disability, you will know the challenges that come with having to fiddle with screens and buttons just to find something online. Make enjoying an audio book hands free. Use natural speech: no more obsession with precision, remembering titles and authors. Sonnar Library incorporates NLU/NLP technology, increasing the likelihood of finding the right book for you despite all the oohing and umming. Want to know more about Sonnar Library and the vision behind it all? Please visit our website: Keywords: free, accessible, books, libri, librivox, audio, audiobooks, marrakesh treaty, daisy, visually, impaired, sonar library
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