Sabrina Tang
Q11 connects your smart home devices to your local government Open Data, tapping into information about services and local events that impact you. Q11 helps Cities connect the services that they provide with their residents in a way that is truly unique - through smart home technology, Open Data and Community Engagement. Smart Homes and Virtual Assistants are a growing channel for engaging with community members. Connect your corporate website or open data to the Qwhery.Cloud and start a whole new conversation with your constituents. Some things you can do with Q11: - Ask where the nearest parks are and get directions - Find out information about your ward and your City Councillor - Get property specific information like your zoning code - Find out what community events are coming up, or when the next council meeting is. - By reminded when your garbage and recycling days are. The Q11 Action is growing and more communities are coming online all the time. If your city is not connected to Q11, reach out to your City Councillor or City Representative and ask them to connect their Open Data with Q11 by Qwhery. For a list of cities that are currently connected with Q11, visit https://qwhery.com/map.
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