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Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. But it can usually be treated successfully if caught early, so doctors recommend conducting a monthly skin self-examination to look for suspicious moles. Simply say "Hey Google, open Skin Check" and you'll be guided through the 'ABCDE' signs of melanoma skin cancer, and a 7-step process for checking your body. To perform your skin check, you’ll need to be in front of a large mirror and have a hand-held mirror so you can see hard-to-reach places. You will also need a comb. If you do find anything that concerns you, please have it checked by a dermatologist or doctor, and remember that skin cancer is often treatable when detected early. And if you'd like the guidance sent to you by email, just ask Google. About Us: The Global Melanoma Coalition (formerly the Global Coalition for Melanoma Patient Advocacy) was formed in 2014 by the Melanoma Research Foundation in response to the global need to bring the patient voice to the melanoma space. The group has grown to include organisations from 27 different countries and is enthusiastically supported by its partners around the world, as well as the global patient, healthcare and pharmaceutical communities. The Global Melanoma Coalition meets the vital needs of the worldwide melanoma community through three working groups, which each specialize in a unique area that addresses globally relevant issues for melanoma patients, encompassing melanoma awareness, access to treatment, and clinical trial design and access. For more information or with questions about The Global Melanoma Coalition, email: The information provided by the action is not a substitute for advice from a medical professional.
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