Music Tools
Music Tools is a set of small, simple tools for musicians. Right now you can do the following things: - Set a metronome in any desired tempo (between 40 and 220 bpm; max play time 2 minutes) - Count in any tempo and measure type. - Help you tune by playing any desired note. - Tune a violin or guitar This tool is intended to stay simple and has a couple limits for now: Notes are only able to be played within a single octave. And the metronome will automatically stop after 2 minutes as the assistant does not support longer audio at the moment. Please use the contact email to give me feedback or suggest new features. I can't promise to implement them but I'm happy to hear what you think and I'm constantly working on improving Music Tools.
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Ask Your Assistant

"Ask Music Tools to Count me in!"
"Ask Music Tools to help me tune my violin"
"Ask Music Tools to play an A."
"Ask Music Tools to set a tempo for 90"
"Talk to Music Tools"


Google Home
Android 6.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices