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Track your Banner Bank balances, payments and transactions and complete easy, everyday banking tasks with help from Google. Once you have enabled Banner Bank, follow the simple instructions to link your account. Securely log in with your online banking username and password, then create a unique four-digit secure access code to be used each time you access Banner Bank account information with your Google device. After you enable the action, start by saying “Okay Google, open Banner Bank”. Here are some examples of what you can talk about: Checking and Savings accounts: “What’s my account balance?” “What are my recent transactions?” “What’s my routing number?” Loans, credit cards and mortgages: “When is my auto loan payment due?” “What’s my available credit limit?” “What is my HELOC payment amount?” “What is the balance on my mortgage?” “What is the interest rate on my loan?” Branch and ATM Locations: “Where is the nearest branch?” “What are the hours and services available at my nearest branch?” “What’s the phone number for the nearest branch?” “Where is the nearest ATM?” To learn more about what you can ask Google about Banner Bank and your account(s) visit
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