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Now it’s easy and smart to manage your Ambrogio robot equipped with ZCS Connect just by using your voice. Interact with your Ambrogio Robot by giving it voice commands! With the assistant dedicated to Ambrogio you can: • know what Ambrogio Robot is doing (state query) • have statistics on his work • let Ambrogio work right away • send Ambrogio to recharge * HOW TO START * 1) Download your the "Ambrogio Remote" APP (if you already have it, skip this step) and loggin in with your Google Account 3) Follow the steps to enable Google Assistant from the settings of your Ambrogio remote app 4) Make sure your Ambrogio Robot is on the lawn 5) Start using it * LIST OF AVAILABLE COMMANDS * • What is {name_robot*} doing? • What did {name_robot*} {time_period}? • work {name_robot*} • {name_robot*} turn back in base • Guide * name of robot is the name you choose in your ambrogio remote app * Requirements * - Ambrogio Robot equipped with a ZCS Connect module - APP Ambrogio remote iOS version 8.0.0 or superior - APP Ambrogio remote Android version 4.0.0 or superior - Google Account
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