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The Google Assistant works with Keep,, AnyList and Bring! Shopping List, so you can use your voice to quickly create notes and lists, hands-free, and manage them later on your phone in the app you already use, wherever you are. When your hands are full, just say, “Hey Google, add sunscreen to my packing list” and later, when you open your notes & lists app, you won't forget to pack sunscreen for your upcoming trip. To sync your voice-created lists to your preferred app, follow these quick steps. Please note, if you want to sync your voice-created notes, you must choose Keep as your preferred provider. 1. Visit your Google Assistant settings 2. Tap the “Services” tab 3. Tap “Notes & Lists” 4. Select your preferred provider
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Take a note
Take a note David is in New York next week
Make a list called packing
What are my notes?
Add sunscreen to my packing list
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