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Through TECO iHome and Teco Cloud, users can integrate with Google assistant and start to enjoy voice control TECO smart home equipment. Select this action and connect to your TECO iHome account, you are ready for the TECO voice control experience. Set up steps: 1.Download TECO iHome App to your smart phone (Android or iOS) from Google Play Store or App Store. 2.Create or log in to TECO iHome account 3.First time set up requires connecting to a Wi-Fi router (*Please turn off 3G/4G cellular data, turn on GPS) 4.After pairing successfully, enter TECO iHome App and add new devices, pair with your home appliances and make sure you can control home appliances via TECO iHome App now 5.Download “Google Home” App from Google Play Store or App Store and finish the Google Home speaker pairing first 6.Enter ”Google Home” App, click the ”+” icon on the top left corner→ ”set up device” → ”Google’s partner” to add a new device 7.Search “TECO iHome” 8.Select TECO iHome action and log in to your TECO iHome account, and you are connected with your Google Home 9..After connecting, you can start using Google Home to voice control your home appliances, please refer to the following for suggested commands 14.What's more, your TECO iHome will also show on your Google Home App home page, you can “Add it to your Home” or “Edit name”, and you can use Google assistant to voice control and interact with your TECO home appliances. AC Suggested commands: Turn on the AC “Ok Google, turn on the AC” Turn off the AC “Ok Google, turn off the AC” Turn AC temperature up “Ok Google, turn the AC temperature up” Turn AC temperature down “Ok Google, turn the AC temperature down” Turn on heating mode: "Ok Google, set the AC to heating mode" Turn on cooling mode: "Ok Google, set the AC to cooling mode" Turn on automatic mode: "Ok Google, set the AC to auto" Turn on dry mode: "Ok Google, set the AC to dry mode" Turn on fan mode: "Ok Google, set the AC to fan mode"
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Ask your assistant
Dim the lights in the master bed room
Dim the bathroom lamps
Turn off the lights
Is the light on in John's office?
Turn on my lights
Are the lights on in the master bed room?
What is the AC doing?
Lower the AC speed
Start the AC
Make the AC speed lower
What cycle is the AC in?
Turn on the AC
What's AC mode set to?
Set AC to high
Set mode on AC to cool
Turn off the AC
Set fanspeed to high on dehumidifier
Turn on the dehumidifier
Start the dehumidifier
Set mode on dehumidifier to auto dry
Make the fan speed lower
Turn on the fan
Set fan to 5
Make the fan speed higher
Raise the fan speed
Lower the fan speed
Turn off the fan
What is the fan speed?
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