IMPORTANT: With the WIFI device and Google Home, you can now interact with your smart devices by voice. To get started: 1. Add device Complete the configuration of the intelligent device according to the manual process, and ensure that the mailbox has received the email with successful configuration. 2. Link action In Google Home App, search and link the action “NoAPP”. Then follow the instructions to link your e-maill account to the action. After the account linking is completed, devices will be displayed in the Google Home App. NOTE: You need to link the action again in the Google Home App if the device has been reset. 3. Control device by voice Now you can speak to Google Home for voice control. When using the action, you will need to specify by name which device to use. For example, if you named one of your devices “Bedroom Lamp”, you can say: “Ok, google, turn off Bedroom Lamp.” Troubleshooting: If Google Home returns voice the device isn’t responding, there might be because the device is offline. Try to reconfigure the smart device according to the instructions. If you have any questions, please visit our official support page: You can also get our support by: E-mail:
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Ask your assistant
What is the AC doing?
What is the AC speed?
Stop the AC
What's AC mode set to?
Did I set AC to cool?
Lower the AC speed
Make the AC speed lower
Turn off the AC
Set AC to high
Set mode on AC to cool
Turn off the fan
Turn on the fan
What is the fan speed?
Make the fan speed lower
Make the fan speed higher
Raise the fan speed
Lower the fan speed
Set fan to 5
Is the front door closed?
Open the side door
What cycle is the dryer in?
Stop drying the laundry
Turn off wrinkle shield on the dryer
What's dryer temperature set to?
Start the dryer
Is the dryer running?
Stop the dryer
Pause the dryer
Turn on wrinkle shield on the dryer
Set temperature on dryer to perm press
Set mode on dehumidifier to auto dry
Start the dehumidifier
Turn on the dehumidifier
Set fanspeed to high on dehumidifier
Are the lights on in the living room?
Turn on the lights
Turn off the bathroom lamps
Turn on my lights
Turn off the lights in the kids bedroom
Is the light on in Adam's bathroom?
Switch off the lights
Turn on Movie Mode
Activate Good Morning
Turn on TV
Turn off TV
Charge the vacuum
Dock the vacuum
Stop vacuuming
Is the vacuum running?
Stop the vacuum
Send the vacuum home
Is the vacuum charging?
Pause the vacuum
Start vacuuming
Start the vacuum
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