LaMetric Time is the first connected clock for smart home. It enhances your bedroom, living room or kitchen with award winning design and displays vital information for the whole family. With LaMetric app you can see what is important to you by asking Google Assistant. Imagine you woke up in the morning. Ask LaMetric for weather forecast and see it right on the display. When you are cooking a dish, easily setup countdown timer without touching the clock and track cooking time at a glance. Ready for sleep? Set an alarm on your bedside clock from living room. Connect your clock to Wi-Fi and say "Hey Google, talk to LaMetric" to get started. Link your app to LaMetric account by entering login and password and you are all set! Important: please make sure your LaMetric Time is running firmware 1.7.3 or newer. Here are some phrases you can try: Open app by saying "Talk to LaMetric" and use any of the following commands Alarm clock - "Wake me up at 7 AM." - "Wake me up at 8 AM with radio" - "Enable alarm." - "Disable alarm." Timer - "Set timer for 10 minutes." - "Pause timer." - "Resume timer." - "Stop timer." - "Reset timer." Stopwatch - "Start a stopwatch." - "Pause stopwatch." - "Resume stopwatch." - "Reset stopwatch." Radio - "Turn on the radio." - "Play next radio station." - "Play previous radio station." - "Stop the radio." Activating apps - "Show weather forecast." - "Activate clock." - "Activate next app." - "Switch to previous app." - "Activate weather." LaMetric Time Device Configuration - "Enable Bluetooth." - "Disable Bluetooth." - "Set volume to 100 percent." - "Increase volume." - "Decrease volume." - "Set brightness to 80%." - "Set brightness to the highest value." - "Set brightness to the lowest value." - "Set auto brightness mode." - "Enable screensaver when dark." - "Enable screensaver between 10pm and 6am." - "Disable screensaver." To get help, say: - "Help."
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