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Your Sengled Element bulbs may now be controlled by Google Home! Simply link your Sengled Element Home account to your Google account by navigating to the “Home Control” tab of the Google Home app, tapping the plus sign, and selecting “Sengled Home” from the list of partners. Then, input your Sengled Element Home account credentials when prompted. Please note that Google Home will not automatically assign the bulbs to their corresponding scenes assigned by the Sengled Element app. You may, however, assign them to rooms through the Google Home app to keep the same groupings. I.e: if you have two Element bulbs grouped in an “Office” scene in the Sengled Element app, you may assign them to an “Office” room in the Google Home app in order to use grouping functionality. Please note that name changes made in the Google Home app will not reflect in the Sengled Element app. Additionally, name changes made through the Sengled Element app will not be reflected in the Google Home app unless you un-link and then re-link your Sengled Element Home account. At this time, Element Plus’s CCT tuning functionality is not supported through Google Home. Example Commands: "Turn on <light name>" "Dim the <light name>" "Brigthen the <light name>" "Set <light name> to 25%" "Dim/Brighten <light name> by 50%" "Turn on/off all lights in <room name>" "Turn on/off all the lights"
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