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Transit Hub provides arrival predictions for transit stops near you. If you know the bus number/route you can 'ask Transit Hub the next 7 bus'. Specify the direction by adding 'inbound' or 'outbound', e.g. 'ask Transit Hub about the next 38R inbound'. It supports the following transit operators: - AC Transit, Oakland, CA - SF Muni, San Francisco, CA - ART, Asheville, North Carolina - Atlanta Streetcar, Atlanta, GA (Beta) - Big Blue Bus, Santa Monica, CA - BAT, Brockton, MA - CAT (Camarillo), CA - CCRTA, Cape Cod, MA - Chapel Hill Transit, NC - Charm City Circulator, Baltimore, MD - City of Oxford, MS - City of West Hollywood, CA - CyRide, Ames, IA - DC Circulator & Streetcar, Washington, D.C. - Downtown Connection, NYC - Dumbarton Express, SF Bay Area, CA - Charles River EZRide, Cambridge, MA - eTrans, Escalon, CA - FAST, Fairfield, CA - CUE, Fairfax, VA - Foothill Transit, Southern CA - Trinity Metro (the T), Fort Worth, TX - Glendale Beeline, Glendale, CA - Gold Coast Transit, Ventura, CA - VCTC Intercity, Ventura, CA - Jacksonville Transportation Authority, FL - LA Metro & Rail, Los Angeles, CA - MBTA (the T), Boston, MA - Moorpark Transit, Southern CA - Omnitrans, San Bernardino, CA - Palos Verdes Transit, Southern CA - Portland Streetcar, Portland, OR - SRIA, Pensacola Beach, FL - Prince Georges County, MD - RTC RIDE, Reno, NV - Radford Transit, VA - Seattle Streetcar, Seattle, WA - Simi Valley Transit, CA - Societe de transport de Laval, Quebec - Sonoma County Transit, CA - Tahoe TART, Tahoe, CA - Thousand Oaks Transit (TOT), Southern CA - Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), Ontario - Unitrans, Davis, CA - Winston-Salem, NC And the following campuses: - Johns Hopkins APL - City College NYC, CCNY - East Carolina University, NC - MIT, Cambridge, MA - Nova Southeastern University, FL - Plymouth State University, NH - Rutgers University, NJ - UC Berkeley, CA - University of Maryland, MD - Western Kentucky University, KY - York College, PA And the following airports: - IND, Indianapolis, IN - JFK, Queens, NY - LGA, Queens, NY - EWR, Newark, NJ - GEG, Spokane, WA Full List of Commands - next [route] bus to [direction] (and similar) - nearby stops - update my location (Google Home only) - forget my location (Google Home only) - help
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