Isolation Inspiration
Isolation/Inspiration is an interactive storytelling experience that wants to know - how do you handle the unknown? You’ll meet: Amy Gubser, a competitive long distance open water swimmer who spends many hours swimming at night in some of the world's most frigid and treacherous waters. Joseph Jackson, a park ranger who spent three years living in an old ghost town in one of the most remote parts of California. Maryam Moreveji, a mother of two who spent both pregnancies confined to bed rest for nearly the entire term. While interacting with Isolation/Inspiration, you become part of a communal listening and storytelling experience. You’ll hear Amy, Joseph, and Maryam’s strategies for moving through hard moments, and reflect on your own reactions to being challenged. What do their experiences of living through an isolating time have in common with yours? Your answers to these questions move this story forward - and if you’ll have the chance to share your responses and hear from other listeners. Isolation/Inspiration takes you on that journey, no matter where you are.
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