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Vinay Wadhwa
You : "Ok Google, Talk to Just Watch" Google : "Hi, I can tell you where your movies or tv-shows are available for streaming. What movie or tv-show are you looking for?" You: "The Matrix" Google: "In your country, The Matrix is available on Netflix & Prime Video." This is what this Action can do for you! No more logging into each of Netflix, Prime Video et al to check where a movie or tv-show is available. This Action speaks out the results (streaming providers) for a given country at time. - For Eg: It can only tell you which streaming providers are offering "The Matrix" in United States at a given time. - If you want to know the streaming offers in United Kingdom or Australia (for example), you need to teach the Action your preferred country for searching. - By default, it auto-detects your country based on your device language (en-US for United States, en-GB for United Kingdom and so on) - You can also explicitly OVERRIDE this and specify your preferred country by saying "Set Country" at any time. Other Personalisation Options - Say "Set Country" to search in a country of your choice. By default, the country is auto detected based on your device language. - Say "Set Offer Types" to limit search results to one or all of subscription, rental or purchase offers. - Say "Set Price Announcement" to teach me if i should announce the actual prices of rental or purchase offers when you search for something. - Say "Settings" to hear about all of the available personalisation options. Note: - Based on an unofficial Justwatch API.
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