Baby Connect
Baby Connect
The information is automatically synchronized to the Baby Connect mobile and web application where you can track even more categories (solid food, activities, medical, behavior, ...), and share the information with others family members and caregivers. Before being able to use the action, a Baby Connect account with a child profile must be created via the Baby Connect application. It can be done either at or via the Baby Connect iOS, Android or Amazon app ( MULTIPLE CHILDREN ---------------------------------- You can track information for multiple children. Just add 'for ' after each command. If you don't specify the child name and there is ambiguity, Google will ask you 'for which child?' USAGE ------------ Diapers: - Log a dirty diaper - Save a poop nappy - Log a wet diaper for at 10pm - Record a mixed diaper - Save a large poop diaper - When was the last diaper change? Bottle Feeding: - Save a milk feeding of 3.1 oz for Maggie - Log a formula feeding - Log a bottle feeding at 10:30am for John - When was the last bottle feeding - How long ago was the last feeding Nursing timer: - Start nursing on the left for Maggie - Start breastfeeding - Pause nursing - Continue nursing on the right - Switch nursing side - Stop nursing Bottle Timer: - Start bottle timer - Pause bottle timer - Resume bottle timer - Continue bottle timer - Stop bottle timer - Start bottle timer with formula for Maggie at 8am - Stop bottle timer at 8:10am Sleep: - Start sleeping for Maggie - Stop sleeping - Start sleep - Start napping at 8am - Pause sleep - Continue sleep - When was the last sleep for Maggie? - When did Maggy start sleeping? - When did Maggie woke up? - How long ago did Maggie woke up? - How long has Maggie been awake? - How long has Maggie been sleeping? Pumping: - Log pumping - Save 5 oz pumping - Record pumping 2 oz left, 3 oz right - Add pumping 200 milliliters - Record 8 ounces expressed - Save 5 oz pumping 10 minutes ago - When was the last pumping? Potty: - Record a small pee potty at 11 am - Record potty for Maggie - Record poop and pee potty - Save small poop potty - How long ago was the last potty for Maggie?
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Talk to Baby Connect to save a dirty diaper
Talk to Baby Connect to save a 3 oz bottle feeding
Talk to Baby Connect start nursing
Talk to Baby Connect how long was the last feeding
Talk to Baby Connect start sleeping at 8am
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