A. Download the Neakasa APP and register an account; B. Follow the prompts of the Neakasa APP to configure the network of the Neakasa sweeper; C. Add Neakasa Action and log in to the account and password registered in the first step; D. Wait for Google Assistant to get the device list, then customize a name for the device, and the configuration is complete. Supported Devices: Neakasa vacuum. Supported Actions: start/stop, dock. Here are some of the phrases you can use for voice commands to control your vacuum. Hey Google, start Neakasa Hey Google, stop Neakasa Note: "Neakasa" is sample custom robot name. If you've named your Neakasa vacuum, you can use its name to control it through Google Assistant.
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Ask your assistant
Send the vacuum home
Charge the vacuum
Dock the vacuum
Tell the robot to start vacuuming
Pause the vacuum
Start vacuuming
Stop the vacuum
Is the vacuum running?
Stop vacuuming
Is the vacuum charging?
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