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(Note: the Caavo App requires Caavo hardware sold separately - please visit to learn more and check availability) Simply watch TV Caavo makes it easy for everyone to watch the best television in your home. One remote. One search. One experience. All your content. Meet Caavo You already have a nice television, hundreds of channels, streaming devices loaded with incredible content. But you can’t even find most of it. Meanwhile, people in your house still watch on tablets and phones because it’s easier. Not anymore. With utter simplicity and smart universal search, Caavo unlocks your best TV and all the content you've paid for, making it is as easy to enjoy as saying "watch." What is Caavo Call it what you want: a fancy HDMI switch, a TV assistant, or a voice-enabled universal remote. The real power of Caavo is that it brings together everything you already own — cable or satellite, streaming boxes or sticks, gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players — unifying devices, apps, and content into one experience. How Caavo Works Plug everything into your Caavo - there are eight HDMI inputs - and connect your TV. From there, Caavo does the rest. It automatically knows which device to use, searches all your apps, finds what you want and plays it. Google Assistant + Caavo To get started on your Caavo, go to to Settings->Other Services->Google Home and follow the on-screen steps to pair with Google Assistant. That’s it! Then, you can simply say: “OK Google, ask Caavo to pause” “OK Google, tell Caavo to watch CNN” “OK Google, ask Caavo to mute” “OK Google, tell Caavo to power off” “OK Google, tell Caavo to find my remote” …and Caavo will control all your TV devices, apps and content.
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