The Blind Advocacy Radio
The Blind Advocacy Radio
You can now listen to The Blind Advocacy Radio on your Google-Assistant enabled smart devices. The Blind Advocacy Radio is an Internet Radio Station. Its mission is to be a voice of the blind, disabled, and all communities, no matter if you are disabled or not! What’s Different From Other Radio Stations? We are a democratic Internet Radio Station, not the party version. We go by votes by listeners and fans of the radio station to make our radio station as welcoming as possible for all. Listeners/fans can submit proposals to us via email or call a phone number to leave a voicemail with their ideas. We review the ideas and may contact the person who submitted the idea. If it is a great idea, the idea will be in a poll for all listeners/fans to vote on. We reserve the right to update or modify the radio station at anytime. We accept everyone. Everyone becomes part of The Blind Advocacy Radio family, no matter your disability, gender, etc. We also listen to your suggestions on ways to improve the radio station for everyone! What Music Do We Play We play different types of music from various artists. Every Wednesday and Sunday, we, however, play Christian Music for Christian listeners. Always Opened To Suggestions! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out, either via email or phone. Email: Phone: 1 (855) 216-1222
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