SmartLEDZ Base
ENDO Lighting Corp.
To get started, after completing the initial setup of the lighting fixtures and lamps, connect the Base gateway to the Internet and select "Cloud Enable" from the system settings screen. You can link by searching for "Smart LEDZ Base" from Work with Google in the "Settings" menu of the Google Home app and linking your account. See below for the setting method. [Setting operation] (1) Connect the gateway of Smart LEDZ Base to the Internet, issue a new cloud ID and password, and enable the cloud. (2) Start the app on your smartphone or tablet with the Google Home app installed while you can use the Internet. (3) Tap "Work with Google" in the "Settings" menu in the app, search for "Smart LEDZ Base" and open it. (4) On the link page that opens, enter the cloud ID and password created in (1) and log in. (5) After logging in, select "Authorize"-> "DISCOVER DEVICE" to start detecting Base devices. (6) When the rooms and groups registered in Base are displayed as one lamp, set them according to the setting procedure of Google Home. (7) This completes the settings and you can control it from your Google Home / Google Nest device. For example, talk to him as follows. "OK Google, turn on the living room lights" "OK Google, turn off the lights in the living room" "OK Google, set the dining lighting to 50%" For details on the settings for Base, refer to the user manual included with the product.
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