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What is it about? The MyPermobil Voice Assistant is allowing you to communicate to your power wheelchair via Google Assistant. Use it to get information and insights on your Permobil power wheelchair: ask for the battery charge status, distance left or travelled or your individual seat function usage. This is the ultimate power wheelchair experience! How to get started? In order to get started, you need to link your MyPermobil App with Google Home. 1. Open the Google Home app on your mobile device, click at your account icon at the top right and verify that the Google account shown is the one linked to your speaker or display. 2. Click on “Assistant settings” and then on the “Explore” icon 3. Scroll through the list of apps for the Google Assistant and choose the MyPermobil card (Note: You need to have the MyPermobil App downloaded on your mobile device) 4. Click on the blue “link” text and follow the instructions on your mobile screen How to interact with the MyPermobil App using your voice? Use these commands to start a voice session with the MyPermobil Voice Assistant: a.) To start you need to say “Ok Google, talk to MyPermobil”, “Hey Google, talk to MyPermobil” or integrate the word “MyPermobil” in the question that you are asking, e.g. “Ok Google, what is the battery level on MyPermobil?” b.) To stop you need to say “Ok Google, close MyPermobil”, “Hey Google, close MyPermobil” or discontinue to ask further questions. What can I ask? You can ask Google anything related to your battery charge status, distance left or travelled or your individual seat function usage. Try saying: “Ok Google, talk to MyPermobil” “… what is my battery level?” “… what is my current battery charge?” “… how far can I drive?” “… how far did I drive today?” “… what is my range?” “… when was the battery last charged?” “… what is my daily record?” “… how often did I reposition today?” “… what is my wheelchair´s serial number?” When asking “Ok Google, what can I ask MyPermobil?”, Google will give you a list of option you can ask. Who can use the MyPermobil Voice Assistant? Please note that you need to have the MyPermobil App as well as one of the following power wheelchairs: M3 Corpus, M5 Corpus, F3 Corpus, F5 Corpus or F5 Corpus VS with a ConnectMe unit. For additional information, please visit
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