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Tesla Valet is in no way affiliated with Tesla Inc. Now you can control your car with the help of Google Home, from checking whether you've plugged your car in, to checking where it is, or how much charge you have, Tesla Valet is here to help. Currently the following vehicles/products are supported: - Tesla Model S - Tesla Model X - Tesla Powerwall Please note that this skill is in no way affiliated with Tesla Inc. If your account has multiple vehicles, you can now select which one you would like to control when you are authenticating your account. Some examples of what you can ask are: - can I get to Oxford - can I get to Colchester with my current charge level - can I get to Plymouth on my current charge - how long will it take me to get to Canterbury - have I got enough battery to get to York - have I got enough charge to get to Leeds - close the roof / sunroof - vent the roof / sunroof - lock the car - is the car locked - what rate is the car charging at - is the car charging - when is the car scheduled to start charging - when will charging begin - when will charging finish - how much charge does the car have - what is the battery level on the car - what is the range of the car - how many miles has the car done - where is the car - what is the location of the car - is the car plugged in - open the charge port - what is the temperature in the car - turn on the air con / heating / cooling - turn off the air con / heating / cooling - honk the horn - flash the lights - start charging - stop charging - set the charge limit to XX percent - set the temperature to XX degrees - set the air con to XX degrees - what is the battery limit set to - what it the name of the car - what version is the car - open the frunk - open the hood - open the trunk - open the boot - open the tailgate - close the trunk - close the boot - close the tailgate Powerwall functions - what iss the battery level on the powerwall - how much power did I generate yesterday - where is my power coming from
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