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What's new • Put-Call ratio, Stop & Target, Synopsis and Option Gain are added • Various bug fixes and performance improvements --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Option Analysis by Quantsapp keeps you updated with ongoing Indian Equity Option Market activity by providing data analysis on Price movement, Open Interest Movements, Implied Volatility, Greeks like Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma for any given Option Instrument on Indices and Stocks. Having the trust of over half a million Option Traders for their Option Trading Analytics, Quantsapp is curated by well-known Industry Experts with over 20 years of experience. Presently Quantsapp caters to traders of Indian equity derivatives traders with NSE's Price, Volume and Open Interest data and its own proprietary data analytics to help guide them trade better. Option Analysis action provides Quantsapp's subscribed NSE's 5 minutes snapshot data. HOW TO USE: Enable Option Analysis by clicking the "Link" button above, then say "Ok Google, Talk to Option Analysis.” Must try Questions for Option Analysis Action • what is the option gain level for NIFTY? • what is the put call ratio for Reliance? • what is the max traded stocks in call options? • what is the stop and target level for ITC? • what is the Nifty Bull call spread from 16300 to 17800? (you can also ask for Bear Put Spread strategy) • what are the results for 12th January? • what is Bank Nifty Option Pain? • what is Market Breadth? • what is the option band of TCS? • what is the open interest for Nifty? • what is the Future Built up of Reliance? • what is the Index Contribution of Nifty? • what is the volatility for Nifty call? • what are the top roll over stocks • what is the Nifty straddle on 17000 strike for January expiry? • what is the Nifty strangle for 18000 Call and 17400 Put? (Note: User can ask for any listed Future and Option stock/Indices trading on NSE India exchange along with active expiry) Learning is Constant! In an endeavor to make the life of an Option trader easy by providing must-know data points during the day at a fly, We will keep updating Option Analysis actions with various tools further. If you feel any data point needs to be included, do help us know by saying, Example:- update “what is the IVR for Nifty?" DISCLAIMER: This Option Analysis action is provided by “Quantsapp Private Limited” with an intention of providing information solely for informational purposes & does not in any way promote investments, trading, or advisory of any sort. Presently the data and analytics provided are based on the 5 minutes snapshot data of National Stock Exchange (NSE) India. Due to data dependency, nature & speed of data collating, the company does not guarantee timeliness, performance, accuracy, correctness, and timeliness of data or interpretation of any data or sort of, functionality, content, comprehensiveness. By enabling this action it is assumed that the user fully understands the risk associated & is solely responsible for any gains & losses arising due to the use of the aforesaid action & services. The user takes full responsibility for any financial loss, emotional loss, etc. arising by the use of the information provided by this action & its sources. In no circumstance “Quantsapp Private Limited” or its associates, employees, owners, or shareholders shall be liable for any expense, loss, or damage direct or indirect, arising out of action or services or in any connection with the use of this action shall be responsible or liable to be questioned. Services provided by “Quantsapp Private Limited” could be viewed & accessed worldwide but will be governed by the laws of India. Any disputes, arguments, or matters arising due to the nature of its business or any related circumstances or situations shall fall in exclusive jurisdiction in the courts of India only.
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