Secure Connect
Eaton SecureConnect allows you to interact with and control your SecureConnect enabled panel.   To get started, find and select the “SecureConnect” action in the Google Home App and click "Link". Perform account linking using  your  Eaton SecureConnect  app login details (email address and password) and a pairing code from the panel.     When you are ready to start using the SecureConnect  action  simply say “OK Google, talk to Secure Connect” and choose from the options that Google Home gives you.    Alternatively, you can start each command with “OK Google, talk to Secure Connect” followed by:    To full set the panel - panel configured for part set mode  “Set Full Set” or “Set (Full set name)” – e.g. Set All House     To part set the panel - panel configured for part set mode  “Set part set B” or “Set (Part set name)” – e.g. Set Night set     To set a partition - panel configured for partition mode   “Set Partition 1” or “Set (Partition name)” – e.g. Set Main house     To get the current status of the panel   “Get panel status” or “panel state”    Turn on or off user defined outputs by saying:   “Turn on (output name)” or Turn off (output name)”   To get panel log events   “Get last log events” or “Get last 10 log events”    Before using this google action, you will need your Eaton SecureConnect username and password to link your Eaton SecureConnect account with Google Home.   Eaton SecureConnect action only works with SecureConnect enabled panels connected to the Eaton SecureConnect cloud.     Please note – Unsetting of the alarm system is not possible using the SecureConnect action
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Talk to Secure Connect
Talk to Secure Connect to set full set
Talk to Secure Connect to get panel status
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