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If you own a Google Assistant enabled device, you can ask it to add items to your Grosh shopping lists using your voice. To make this possible, follow these steps: 1. You’ll need your the email and password you used when you signed up for Grosh. The email is visible on the Settings page in Grosh. If can't remember your password, you need to logout and tap 'Forgot my password' first in order to setup your password. 2. Say to your Google Assistant device, 'Ok Google, talk to Gro Service'. You’ll be asked to link your Grosh account. Launch the Google Home app on your mobile phone. 3. You will redirected to a Grosh Login page. Enter your Grosh account information and tap 'Login'. You can then speak phrases like: Ok Google, start Gro Service Ok Google, ask Gro Service to add bread Ok Google, ask Gro Service what is on the list If you open the Gro Service, then you don’t have to prefix all commands: Ok Google, start Gro Service get my lists select Pantry what is the current list is bread on the list add bread remove bread who am i If there’s a command that the Service doesn’t understand or that's missing, please contact us and let us know what it is. To remove your Google Assistant device from your Grosh account, go to Settings in Grosh. Scroll down to find Services and tap Adjust. Find the service and tap to delete it. If you’re having trouble linking your smart speaker to your Grosh account, search for 'voice assistant' in our FAQ at Please note that we have experienced that Grosh Service is difficult to understand for the voice assistant, so we've instead chosen Gro Service as invocation name for our service.
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