Ambient Woodstock Chimes
Woodstock Chimes
Relax, refresh and renew with ambient chime sounds from Woodstock Chimes. You can ask to play one of our two-minute clips of ambient windchimes composed just for you. Simply say “Ok Google, talk to Ambient Woodstock Chimes” and you can ask for a delightful symphony of Woodstock Chimes, played just for you. You can also directly say “Ok Google, ask Ambient Woodstock Chimes to play Windsingers” or another collection from our premier line of chimes. Currently you can choose from the Woodstock Windsinger Chimes, our line of Magical Mystery Chimes, and our line of Gregorian Chimes. We will continue to add more chimes in the near future. We hope you'll love listening to Ambient Woodstock Chimes.
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