The University Oracle
The University Oracle is a conversational google assistant action developed for students of the American University of Beirut (AUB) in general; it can be asked certain questions from google assistant users, and will reply accordingly to them. An example of valid questions are ones that acquire about information that an AUB student needs for course registration, such as courses, professors, capacity in sections, etc.. in AUB. It uses an AI powered software, as well as an Natural Language Professor (NLP), to provide easy communication between the user and the assistant. These questions are:  Ask about a professor's contact information (email, building, floor, room, extension...).  Ask about a course's details (such as professors giving the course, linked recitations/labs, prerequisites etc...)  Ask about the remaining seats in a course and in a specific section.  Ask about the prerequisites of a CMPS course.  Know the requirements to complete a certain minor.  Ask about the remaining major courses required for me to graduate.  Ask who's teaching a certain course.  Know what courses a certain professor is teaching.  Ask about the CRN of a course and vice versa.  Ask for the begin and end time of a course's section/lab/recitation.  Know the location in which a course is being offered at.  Know if I'm able to graduate and if not what else is required.  Ask how many credit hours a course/lab/recitation is.  Know the linked recitations/labs of a course section.  Ask about the details of a section of a course.  Ask about the labs/recitations of a specific course that have capacity.  Ask about a course's sections that have capacity  Know when a course is offered (all the sections).  Ask who’s teaching a certain course in the current term.  Hear a joke.  Ask who’s the developer behind the software.  Ask about the credits of a course by CRN.  Ask about the best university in the world  Ask about who is the boss  Ask about the title of a course  Ask for help (what questions are available)
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