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Stralto Transit lets you get a quick snapshot of your public transit commute while you get ready. It currently works for public transit in the New York City metro area. 1. Setup your profile on Register/Login in with the same Google Account that you use for your Google Home or Assistant. You can also use Facebook or Amazon to login, as long as the primary email is the same as your Google account. 2. Add a trip you want the snapshot of. Use a trip name that is easy to pronounce and easy for google home or assistant to understand ( e.g. work) 3. Add segments to your trip. Select the transit agencies and the stops you use to get to your destination including all transfers. 4. You can start off by saying, Talk to Transit Conductor. You will get a welcome message with instructions for the first time you try this. a. Saying " I am going to work" or "where is my train to work" or "how is my commute to work" or "work" will give you the real-time schedule of your trip. b. Saying "Set Location" will ask you for permission if you want to turn on or update the location in your profile. You only need this if you are using the "use traffic" option to determine driving time to stop for your trip. c. Saying "reset location" will turn location off. 5. Instead of saying Talk to transit conductor, you can also say, Ask transit conductor: a. how the commute to work looks b. or where is my train to work c. Or I am going to work d. Or work , and transit conductor will provide you the real time schedule of your trip if available.
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