Lingvanex Translator
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Lingvanex provides you with high-quality translation based on neural networks. Get a real-time translation of your conversation! Make your home truly smart! FEATURES: 1. Conversation mode with real-time translation. Say sentence, then make a pause. Lingvanex Translator will immediately translate it into your chosen language. Continue talking. 2. Voice translation to 50+ languages Spanish, German, French, Russian, Hindi, Arabic and more. 3. Dictionary meaning The assistant will give you word definition and synonyms. This feature works for single words only. 4. For real Geeks! Use two Google Assistants for mutual translation in real-time. For example, You speak English, your friend speaks Spanish. Turn on 2 Google Assistants. The first will translates from Spanish to English The second will translates from English to Spanish. Activate Lingvanex Translator on both devices. Speak English or Spanish, the assistants will translate your conversation in real-time into both languages! We erase language barriers!
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