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With the MELCloud® Google Home Action you can now control your Mitsubishi Electric, Air-conditioning, Heating or Ventilation systems using simple voice commands via your Google Home enabled devices. The MELCloud® Google Home Action is compatible with the MELCloud® App and Mitsubishi Electric systems installed in your home. After linking your MELCloud® account to Google Home, you can then use your voice to turn on/off, change modes, monitor and change the temperature simply by saying the required command. SETUP To get started: 1. You will need to have MELCloud® App and have a live user account. 2. You will need Mitsubishi Electric Air-conditioning, Heating or Ventilation system(s) connected via Wi-Fi Interfaces and working in the MELCloud® App. 3. You will then need to enable MELCloud® in Google Home. 4. You will then be prompted to sign in using your MELCloud® login user credentials and allow permissions. Completing this step will provide the required link between Google Home and your MELCloud® User account and your connected systems. 5. You can then test the connection and operation with a simple voice command. SUPPORTED MODELS The MELCloud® App is only compatible with the following Mitsubishi Electric official Wi-Fi Interfaces. The Wi-Fi Interfaces should only be installed by a qualified installer. • Wi-Fi Interfaces: MAC-577IF-E, MAC-567IF-E(1), MAC-557IF-E, PAC-WF010-E NAMING SCHEMES For rooms or zones that you want to control, you can rename any using the MELCloud® App. Please consider using simple names like "Bedroom", "Dining room" or "Living room". Once you have changed the names, you can use Google Home to rediscover your devices. CONTROL After setting up the system, try these commands in order to test your connection between Google Home and your Mitsubishi Electric equipment. • “Ok Google, turn on.” • “Ok Google, set to 23.” • “Ok Google, increase by 4 degrees.” • “Ok Google, set to auto mode.” • “Ok Google, set speed to 3.” • “Ok Google, what is set to?” • “Ok Google, what is the temperature in the ?” • “Ok Google, set to heat.” • “Ok Google, set horizontal to swing.”
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Ask your assistant
Set mode on AC to cool
Make the AC speed lower
Set AC to high
Lower the AC speed
Turn on the AC
Turn off the AC
What is the AC doing?
What's AC mode set to?
What is the AC speed?
Stop the AC
Set the temperature to 72 degrees
What is the temperature set to?
Activate Good Morning
Turn on Movie Mode
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