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The Electric Vehicles Guide Voice App has been developed by Go Ultra Low – a joint government and industry campaign to provide all the facts and information you’re looking for to make an informed decision about switching to an electric vehicle, and all the benefits you receive once you have. Narrated by adventurer and Go Ultra Low ambassador, Ben Fogle, the Action can help answer questions in three broad categories:   - Cost and Incentives  - Charging and Range  - Electric vehicle Benefits    HOW TO USE    You can get to know the Action by saying ‘Ok Google, talk to Electric Vehicles Guide’. Ben Fogle will then ask you what you’re most interested in learning about.    You can ask Ben numerous questions, including the below:    - How much can I save by switching to an electric vehicle?  - Are there Government grants to help buy an electric vehicle?  - How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?  - How many different models of electric vehicles are there?  - How do electric vehicles benefit the environment?  - What is an ultra-low emission vehicle?    We hope the Electric Vehicles Guide Action helps you understand how and why you should make the switch to an electric vehicle Please leave us a review on the Assistant Directory – we value your feedback!
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