Brain Voyagers
Brain Voyagers
“If anyone can hear this message, we need your help! This is Commander Rex Rennick of the Earth ship Wu Chi. Our ship is stuck in orbit around the planet Jupiter! We flew out here to investigate a mysterious alien force called the Ignorixx. We thought that they were hiding behind Jupiter and stealing brain power from the people of planet Earth! It turns out we were right, and we have proof! But when we got here they froze our engines and now we can’t get home. We need a brave Brain Voyager (brave group of Brain Voyagers if multiplayer) to rescue us and stop the Ignorixx. Will you learn the skills necessary to save the planet Earth? “OK, let me scan your brain to see if you can do it. Step forward on to the scanner! Beep Bap Boop . Checking ... Checking... You do have the natural genes for a strong brain, and you can become a Brain Voyager! But you’ll need to work hard to earn the right skills. I’m going to teleport you to the Brain Voyagers Skills Station, which is out in space near the moon. I’ve programmed my voice in to a level 42 robot on the Station, so I can guide you through every step of your learning.
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