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Your environment is what you make it – you already choose your favorite lighting, decor and music - now you can control fragrance and mood as well! Moodo is the world's smartest home fragrance machine. Moodo enables you to change the ambiance instantly using Google Action too. Use the Moodo Google Action to control the intensity of each of the four fragrance capsules inside the machine and explore the possibilities. Set it so you wake up to a citrus-filled kitchen on sweet weekend mornings, or take over as scent-DJ and switch up the mood in seconds. Don't forget to set it to get romantic when the kids go to sleep. It's all up to you (and your nose!!). To use Moodo Google Action you need: ✰ A Moodo Device ✰ Moodo Fragrance Capsules ✰ Access to a 2.4Ghz WiFi with internet access ✰ Source of electric power (for charging the battery periodically) ✰ You must download the Moodo app to your IPhone (from iOS 9) or Android smartphone (from Android 5) and complete the initial set up process (to connect Moodo to your local Wi-Fi network) ✰ Link your Google Assistant with your Moodo account used for the mobile application ✰ You can send it to Google Home device and use it there too With the Moodo Google Smart Home Action you can: ✰ "Discover Moodo devices" will show you the names of all the Moodo devices in Google Home app you have assosicated with your Moodo account ✰ "Power on/off 'device name'" will turn the Moodo device on or off ✰ "Turn on/off power saving mode for the 'device name'" will switch Moodo device into and from interval mode, which will turn on and off the fans automatically by time ✰ "Turn on/off automatic mode for the 'device name'" - when enabled, will change the mix every 10 minutes ✰ "Increase/decrease fan speed for the 'device name'" - will change the overall intensity for the fans ✰ "is 'device name' on?" will tell current status of perticular device. ✰ "is automatic mode of 'device name' on?" will tell current status of shuffle for the perticular device. ✰ "is power saving of 'device name' on?" will tell current status of Inteval mode for the perticular device. ✰ "What is fan speed in 'device name'" will tell fan speed in perticular device in term of highest(fan speed = 100), medium and lowest(fan speed is less than 2 point). We are constantly adding features to Moodo Google Action, so please stay tuned to our updates!
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