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Pleasure Finder helps you improve your sex life by providing the sexual health and wellness advice and tips you’ve always wanted but were scared to ask. Using guidance from a qualified sex therapist on some of the biggest sexual health questions, our Action on Google has everything you need to make the most of your quality time. Say "Hey Google, Talk to Pleasure Finder" to get started, and try asking, "What are the benefits of sex?", "How often is normal to have sex?", "Am I having enough sex?", "What's the best time to have sex?", "Is masturbating good for me?", "How often is it safe to masturbate?", "What's the average time it takes to have an orgasm?", "What role do sex toys play in a relationship?", "Does setting a schedule for sex help?", "How can I make sex last longer?", "What's a good way to help my partner get in the mood?", "How do I know if I've had an orgasm?", "What are the health benefits of vibratory stimulation?", "How can a sex toy help improve my sex life after having a baby?", "How can a sex toy help strengthen my pelvic floor?", "What role does a sex toy play in pelvic floor therapy?", "How can a sex toy help treat vulval pain conditions?", "Can a sex toy help prevent premature ejaculation?", "How can a sex toy help with erectile dysfunction?" *Before using Pleasure Finder, we need to inform you that this action contains mature content that may not be suitable for a younger audience. If this makes you or a family member uncomfortable, please do not continue.
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