Clash of Clans Quiz
Vignesh K S
Over a million people play the mobile strategy game, Clash of Clans-2019. Are you a Cash Of Clans Expert? Are you a Real Fan? Prove you knowledge by taking this Quiz! This quiz will help determine who knows what they are talking about, and who is just playong the game without actually playing the game. Are you a Clas of Clans expert? Prove your knowledge by taking this quiz to see how you do. The questions are easy, if you actually pay attention to the game that you play. Do well. The results are waiting. Questions include, 1. At what Town Hall level is the minion unlocked? 2. Which company created Clash of Clans? 3. Which attack strategy uses a combination of PEKKAs, Wizards, and Golems? .... And so on. Just say, " Talk to Clash of Clans Quiz". Credits: We Thank Satish.V (COC Code : 8RVR8C9LJ) for providing good questions for this Quiz.
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