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ASK YOUR ASSISTANT What’s the acceptance rate at Harvard University? What is the graduation rate at University of Alabama? What % of students receive financial aid at Georgetown University? Explore a new way to search for a college or university that you’ll love - all with the help of Google Assistant! You can get answers about any college or university in the United States. Here are just some of the questions Google Assistant can answer about schools you are interested in: Is it public or private? What’s the student/faculty ratio? How much is tuition? How much do books and supplies cost? What does room and board typically cost? What’s the size of the incoming freshman class? What is the application fee? What kind of degrees are offered? What is the campus setting? How many students attend? What is the religious affiliation for? What is the percentage of students that receive financial aid? What is the demographic breakdown of the student body? What is the average financial aid package a student receives? What is the average net price? What percentage of students are 24 and under or 25 and over? What percentage of students are accepted? What is the average SAT or ACT score of students? What is the graduation rate? What percentage of students finish their degree within 6 years? What percentage of students continue to attend after the first year? What percentage of students default on their student loans? What percentage of students study online exclusively? Is on campus-housing available? What are the gender ratios? Is there an ROTC program? How many international students attend? How many students attend? How many students apply to? What is the acceptance rate for? What is the in-state (or out-of state) tuition for? What percentage of students registered with the disability services office? Is dual credit accepted? How is the school ranked? What athletic programs are offered? What are my chances to get accepted? What do I need to do to improve my chances of getting into? >>>>>CTA FOR MYC Is the school right for me? >>>>>CTA FOR MYC What other schools should I consider besides? >>>>>CTA FOR MYC How far away is it? How can I get in touch with the school? How do I pay for college >>>>>CTA FOR MYC What is PLEXUSS? How can I sign-up for PLEXUSS? What scholarships am I eligible for? What is the best college ranking list? Which country is best for study abroad? Do international students have to take the SATs? What is the best college? How do I write a college essay? How do you make a college list? How can I compare colleges? How can I narrow down my college search? How much does college counseling cost? What does a college success coach do? How do you find a college match? How should I prepare for college? Should I hire a college admissions consultant? Is it hard to get into college? How do you search colleges? What are the requirements to study in the USA? How are college admissions decisions made? How do I pick a college? How do you prepare for a college interview? How do I find a good major? And if Google Assistant cannot answer your question, just ask Google Assistant to connect you with MyCounselor, a virtual (human) professional college admissions coach and counselor!
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