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FIRST OF ALL: 1. ENSURE THE COMPATIBILITY OF YOUR AXI OR H-DISH DISHWASHER WITH THE ASSISTANT CONSULTING THE LIST AT THE FOLLOWING LINK http://bit.ly/hoover-DW 2. LOOK AT THE ASSOCIATION GUIDE AT THE FOLLOWING LINK http://go.candy-group.com/am-dw Enter now a new world, manage your Hoover AXI or H-DISH with Wi-Fi technology in an innovative and bespoke way. You can find the best program to use, send commands ask for advice or technical support. To use the full features set of Hoover Dish you must have purchased a Hoover's dishwasher and have created an account using the Hoover Wizard mobile App. ABOUT THIS ASSISTANT: Each time you want to interact through Google Home with your AXI or H-DISH dishwasher with Wi-Fi technology, you’ll need to use “Hoover Dish” as an Invocation Name to activate the assistant. Try saying: “Ok Google open Hoover Dish” wait for the answer and then ask a question, or pronounce “Ok Google ask Hoover Dish to…” TO GET STARTED: Register your smart dishwasher using the Wizard App on your iOS or Android device. You can download the complete guide to make the association with Google Home and have the list of compatible models: http://go.candy-group.com/am-dw If you’re not familiar with the assistant, simply start off by saying: “Ok Google, ask Hoover Dish to what can I ask you? or “Ok Google, tell Hoover Dish to know what can I do?” YOU CAN DO MANY THINGS LIKE: • Control the dishwasher remotely: you can quickly start a cycle and stop it at any time. Try saying: " Ok Google, ask Hoover Dish to start the Universal program" or " Ok Google, open Hoover Dish", wait for the answer and ask "How long till the end of the program?" • Discover the best program to use simply by saying the type of dishes that you want to wash. Try saying: " Ok Google, ask Hoover Dish how can I wash cups and teapots" or “Ok Google, ask Hoover Dish How can I wash pots and cups?” • Ask for advice on how to treat the most difficult stains. Try saying: " Ok Google, ask Hoover Dish how can I remove encrustation?" Or " Ok Google, open Hoover Dish" wait for the answer and ask "How do I remove the coffee stains?" • Know what a specific function or program is, or how you can take care of your dishwasher. Ask Google: " Ok Google, ask Hoover Dish what the Power Wash option does?" Or " Ok Google, ask Hoover Dish What does the Total Care cycle do?”, or "Hey Google, open Hoover Dish" wait for the answer and ask "When should the filter be cleaned?" • You can ask questions if you have doubts. Ask Google: " Ok Google, ask Hoover Dish why is salt used in the dishwasher?”, or "Hey Google ask Hoover Dish what kind of crockery should I put in the upper basket?” or "Hey Google ask Hoover Dish what is error E03?" IMPORTANT: • “Hoover Dish” assistant is compatible only with Hoover AXI or H-DISH dishwashers with Wi-Fi models. Ensure the complete list at the following link: http://bit.ly/hoover-DW CONTACTS If you have any questions please contact Hoover Support: support@candy-hoover.com
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