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I am The Master of Creep and I produce the Creepy Show Podcast. I talk about anything creepy, or scary. I have a variety of subjects such as the paranormal, UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, haunted places and things, true crime, and government conspiracies. I usually produce a new show about every 5 days, however, I have been known to produce episodes as new encounters become aware to me. I have a very active website at where I have an area guests can submit stories and I will consider making them into a Creepy Show podcast episode. Unless your story is in the national news already, I will change the names of the people involved to protect those who do not wish to be identified. I do not go out of my way to use explicit language, however once in a while, a story might include an “R-Rated” word when it helps describe the emotions of characters in my stories. Because of the nature of my shows, I wouldn’t advise children to be in the audience, however, teenagers would probably enjoy them. Thank you for your interest, and please Never Listen Alone. You can find out more about The Creepy Show Podcast and connect with me, John Fite, at **For information about this Google Action, visit or send an email to
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