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Currently, for all the travellers, the biggest challenge is effective and effortless trip planning. They always find it confusing to prioritize several tourist destinations and in that confusion, they often miss out visiting some of the must-visit places. Though there are plenty of tour operators available, most of them fail to meet their consumers’ expectations because of time lag. To fix this, Trip Advisor in 2016 came up with an idea and started offering bookable tours onto its site. The tours were strategically classified; for instance hiking tours, food tours, religious tours and more. With this, they experienced a 35% growth in their total revenue. However, even though the tours are classified, and instant booking is available, there is no way in which a customer can opt for a tour that covers the places he/she wishes to visit. There is a lack of instant customization. With Hello TrippeR, users can customize itinerary as per their preferences. Our research bot auto-recommends the most suitable itinerary and then the user can easily add, remove, replace the attractions as per his/ her likings. Still confused about what this means? Let us make it clearer for you: Firstly, based upon the starting and ending destinations decided by the user, our planning engine auto-recommends the best suitable itinerary. Then, to this auto-recommended itinerary, he or she can add places as per his/her interest. In case the user doesn’t have a list of his own but still doesn’t like the recommended places, he can simply keep crossing the recommended places until he gets a place of his interest. Via Hello Tripper, itineraries can be built for different travellers, may it be solo, family, couples, young folks or aged people. For instance, the Garden of Five Senses is not an ideal place for kids and family, so we recommend this place only to solo and couple travellers. However, if the user himself wants to add Garden of Five Senses, he can. For each day users can set different preferences for activities along with different start and end time. Different users have a different pace, some can cover 10 places in a day while others can cover just 5. So they also get an option to set their pace for a day. They can turn off the auto-recommendation mode to limit their number of places. Even the average time to be spent at a place is adjustable. It can easily be increased or decreased to set the pace. We also take care that they do not miss any must-visit spots, events or shows. For instance, talking about Amritsar, Wagah Border is a must-visit place where one has to reach by 3:00 pm even though the ceremony starts after 5:00. We have accommodated all such odd timings for the ease of users. Also, for each place recommended, we cross-check the opening and closing hours before suggesting a certain place. We also take distance into consideration so that users can significantly minimize their travel time. In addition, we also take timings of particular places into consideration to let travellers visit the maximum places. For example, Bangla Sahib is a place that opens 24*7, whereas Jantar Mantar opens only till sunset. So, to accommodate we recommend the user to visit Jantar Mantar first and then Bangla Sahib. Not just the must-visits, for each city, we have also accommodated offbeat places, shopping places, street food places, cafes, restaurants, bars and more. Another thing to note is that as stats say, 85% of leisure travellers finalize their activities after having arrived at their destinations. This call for a micro-moments strategy. Hello TrippeR is ready for this too. With AI and machine learning, we can take the work out of planning and thus, allowing users to be more spontaneous. This means that they can have their real-time and instantly generated itineraries that are flexible; flexible with the likes and dislikes, time of the day, weather and other such factors.
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