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Voice control is now available for compatible electrical heating devices. The Capa Connect app can easily be set up for voice control and lets you control sites such as home, holiday home or other sites divided into zones consisting of one or more WiFi heaters. Intelligent heat control has never been easier! Ask your voice assistant to turn the heat up or down, set your home into away mode when leaving or set custom settings for a specific time. Pre-defined sites and zones makes this easy to set up and to use. The voice control works together with your Capa Connect app and existing heating programs to give you full control of your heating. Comfort and eco-friendliness go hand in hand with the Capa Connect voice control feature. To make the voice control feature work you will need one or WiFi controlled electrical heaters connected to the Capa Connect app. You will also need to have the Google Home app installed on your device. The Capa Connect app has a set up guide to connect voice control functionality. Sites and zones will need to be renamed into a common English word from a pre-defined list, a helpful wizard will guide you through the process. To use your Capa Connect voice command functionality, simply use the phrase “Capa Connect” (kap-pa). A full list of commands is included in the app's help section. Capa Connect voice control is currently available in English language version.
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