Voice Clues
Priyankar Kumar
In Voice Clues, you are given a series of hints and a set of possible answers. Use the hints to get to the right answer. The lesser hints you utilize to get to the right answer, the greater your points. Each session you will be asked five questions. Each question has three hints.The questions are from a wide varety of topics such as famous personalities, Indian states, technology and a lot more. There is something for everyone! Answering within the first hint gets you 10 points. Answering within the second hint gets you 5 points and within the third gets you 2 points. The points are added to your score card at the end of the session. You can ask for your score card which will contain your lifetime points. You can say help to know the instructions and repeat to repeat the present hint. Happy clue hunting! Good luck, Sherlock!
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