Magic Word
Volley Inc.
Solve hundreds of unique puzzles where one magic word ties together four gifs! Shout out the magic word or spell it out by tapping the letters on your screen to move on to the next level. Test yourself by completing the daily challenge so you can earn some extra coins! OUT OF THIS WORLD FEATURES - No more, “Okay, Google! The magic word is blah blah blah!” With Google’s new continuous matching, you can just keep shouting out those wrong answers until you finally guess the correct one! - A screen you can touch! Don’t want to say the magic word? Just tap the word bank below to spell out the answer. No one’s gonna judge you! - A reward system you could FIGURATIVELY die for! Rack up your streak and earn more coins for every daily challenge you beat without skipping a day. - We use GIFS! Who doesn’t love watching a cat get booped on the snoot in an infinite loop? Best of all, you get to do it while solving our awesome puzzles!
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