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- 1) Watchman Smart Garage opener is a upgrade kit that is compatible with almost all existing garage openers (that support wall button in your garage, with wires running between the wall button and garage motor box) . The kit consists of 2 components : - A) a “tilt sensor” attached on the garage door to detect the actual open or closed state of the door. It sends this state wirelessly to the “garage gateway” box in B (to support GA query commands such as “is my garage door opened “ ) - B) a “Garage Gateway” box that is wired to the 2 input (relay) connectors on the garage motor box to actuate the opening & opening of the door (to support GA voice commands such as “OK google Open my garage door” ) - 2) Watchman Smart DoorLock is a Bluetooth BLE-based lock that mounts on top of your house’s existing deadbolt lock’s latch to turn it (to lock or unlock your door) . There’s no need to replace the existing key nor removing any part of the existing lock. To work with GA, the lock needs our bundled Watchman gateway which serves as a bridge between Bluetooth BLE & WiFi for Internet & GA cloud access. It supports GA commands and queries such as : “OK google, Unlock front door “ , “OK Google is front door locked “ -3) Watchman Smart AC air conditioner controller : emulating the functions of a traditional IR remote, this is a WiFi accessory (with builtin temperature sensor) that converts GA commands/queries into IR codes to control IR-based AC unit (or HVAC unit, generally called mini split ductless HVAC.) It supports GA commands such as “set my AC mode to HEAT” , “set temperature of my AC to 80”, “is my AC on” ...
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Is the front door unlocked?
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